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MTA Products Australia PL - 100% Made in Australia

MTA Products has proudly produced high quality plastic display traysbowls & platters to the butcher & hospitality industries for many years.
MTA Products currently sells our products in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, PNG, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & into many other countries.
MTA plastic display trays are designed to fit most commonly used display cabinets in butcher shops and supermarkets.
Our products are made to be lightweight & very durable in use… 
Our company has been in the industry for many years and proudly supply our products in the knowledge that MTA plastic products
are of the highest quality. In 2003 MTA branched out into the hospitality industry with our serving platters and bowls of a light weight design. In 2021 some of these products are now made out of a different material to make them very robust and drop proof.
Over the past decade our platters, bowls & spoon range has become very popular, available in a range of sizes to suit all needs.
MTA Products are available from our local stockists in your area, click “stockists”.
Please sign up if you do not have a local stockists,
just note that as we are a wholesaler our min orders are for 3 full cartons of any product.
Wholesale inquiries are welcome, please sign up & give us a call.
Freight Costs are normally road & determined buy delivery location, quantity & total weight.
Or your own freight company can be used, just provide the detail at order time.
MTA Products is an Australian owned family business.
*100% Food Grade Approved *Wholesale Sales only
100 % Made in Australia