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Choosing The Right Food Display Trays

For a long time, MTA Products has supplied the butchering and catering sectors with high-quality plastic serving trays, bowls, and platters. Currently, MTA Products exports its wares to various nations, including Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. Our plastic display trays are compatible with most retail display cases in grocery stores and meat markets. Our display trays are manufactured to be both portable and long-lasting. With years of experience under our belts, we confidently provide MTA plastic goods, knowing they are of the greatest quality. In 2003, MTA expanded into the hospitality sector with its lightweight design of serving platters and bowls. In 2021, several of these items are crafted from a new substance that makes them durable and resistant to drop damage. Our selection of platters, bowls, and spoons has been very popular over the last decade.

To find a retailer near you that carries MTA products, choose “stockists” from the menu. If you cannot find our products in local stores, please register nevertheless; however, since we are a wholesaler, we need a minimum purchase of 3 complete cartons of each product. You may also utilise your freight forwarder; specify them when purchasing. A little MTA logo is on the reverse of every product manufactured in Australia. You should know that not all replicas meet the standards for use in food. Our plastic platters and bowls assortment has grown in popularity over the last decade, and we now offer them in a wide variety of sizes to meet the demands of any business. Melbourne Metro region residents may get free plastic display trays from us. MTA may arrange delivery by road express for customers outside this region at a price based on the amount and weight of the shipment. We are indeed a family-run company based in Australia that exports plastic display trays worldwide.

The Material Is Important

The electronics industry can benefit from our Fiberstat ESD-safe material handling products, the pharmaceutical industry can use our vial trays and gel cap drying trays, and the industrial processing industry can benefit from our wash boxes.

Today, MTA Products still works closely with end-users to develop custom products to address their specific material handling, processing, and storage requirements across various industries, including the food service, confectionery, pharmaceutical, electronics, and industrial sectors. Composites continued reinforcing the concept that the material truly matters in material handling with its strength, stability, adaptability, and durability.

Reasons Why Every Family Should Have One

The first step is learning how useful a serving tray can be in the home. Food Display Trays have earned its reputation as one of the hardest-working kitchen tools for a good cause. A serving tray is an indispensable accessory when arranging the ideal party or just enjoying a home-cooked dinner with loved ones.

Facilitated Food Shipping

The convenience they provide to transporting food is a major advantage of serving trays. Spending long periods cooking leaves you too exhausted to make many trips back and forth from the kitchen to the dining table to serve the guests' meals and drinks. You may save time and energy by carrying numerous products at once with the help of a serving tray. The variety of online serving trays makes picking the perfect one to meet your needs simple. Wooden trays, rattan trays, and marble trays are three of the best-selling alternatives. You may pair the tray with a complementary server to round off the display further.

Simple Upkeep

A serving tray at MTA Products requires far less care than an expensive set of dinnerware. Whether you choose one made of wood or metal, this kitchen addition is sturdy and simple to clean since it is designed to serve numerous purposes. If you go for a marble serving platter, you will need to exercise caution. They need more careful cleaning than wooden, rattan, or metal trays. However, you can be confident that they are equally durable and will easily become a part of your regular cooking adventures. Serving trays may enhance the aesthetics of your event, which is an often-overlooked benefit. The acquisition of serving trays need not break the bank. There is no need to spend a small fortune on luxury brands from designer boutiques. Getting a wide selection of attractive serving trays at a lower price on the Internet is possible.

Kitchen trays have traditionally been made of wood or metal, but today, you may find elegant options like marble and rattan. Good trays should last you for many seasons. Considering the many uses for a serving tray, it is also one of the best purchases you can make. We can promptly create and ship high-quality Plastic Display Trays because we consistently invest in cutting-edge technology. Our manufacturing, storage, and distribution procedures are all up to par. Reduce your household's garbage output and energy use. Reduce the likelihood that anybody may be hurt due to your business's operations as much as possible. The use of trays during family gatherings is also highly recommended for the sake of cleanliness.

Using your bare hands to serve visitors might be seen as rude. It is very immoral and unclean. All of these issues may be avoided with the use of a tray. Guests will not feel obstructed when you stroll up to them with the tray. They do not need your help picking out glasses since they can do it independently. MTA Products has been successful due to its cutting-edge technology, consistent product quality, and dedicated after-sale support staff. It anticipates further growth and prosperity due to its partnerships with its clientele. Plastic trays at MTA Products have quickly become the industry standard, surpassing their metal predecessors in importance across many sectors.

Why Us

Transporting perishable foods requires meticulous planning to avoid spoilage. The primary concern is ensuring that perishable goods arrive in one piece and in good condition. As a result, you will need suitable food displays and serving trays that will not let bacteria grow while in transit. In addition, keep the flavour authentic.

Expertise in the kitchen, engineering, temperature regulation, and certified sales all have their departments. We can streamline your operations and equip you with the most cutting-edge technology. We work hard to produce exceptional works that are appreciated worldwide. We use master craftspeople to create the extraordinary items you have come to expect from us.