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Plastic Meat Tray Supplier For Butchers

Imagine entering two meat shops: one where the meat is simply placed above a table, and the other where the meat is elegantly presented on a sophisticated tray. The latter instantly draws your attention, doesn't it? The allure of a well-displayed product is undeniable. It's not just about the meat; it's about the presentation, the appeal, and the assurance of quality that a thoughtfully arranged display exudes.

Meat display trays are essential in the food industry, particularly for showcasing meat products in butcher shops, delis, or supermarkets. These trays serve multiple crucial purposes: they maintain the freshness and presentation of meats. By providing a clean and organized platform, these trays help in arranging various cuts of meat, which makes it easier for customers to view and select what they need. They also aid in preserving the quality of the meat by preventing direct contact with surfaces, reducing the risk of contamination, and allowing for proper drainage of excess fluids. A neat display makes people trust the shop more. It shows that the shop cares about what they're selling and wants customers to have a good experience.

At MTA Products, we take pride in being the foremost butchers plastic meat tray supplier for supermarkets, retail outlets, quick-service restaurants, and food service establishments. Our extensive stock comprises a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and types of meat trays.

Organise Your Products

Utilising meat trays for product display offers customers a comprehensive view of the meat from various angles. It also gives a closer inspection of packaging details. This setup enables customers to examine labels, nutritional information, and product specifics comfortably. By showcasing meats on these trays, customers can easily handle the packages, read the labels, and gain a deeper understanding of what they're purchasing.

The strategic use of meat trays allows for a 360-degree view of the packaging, which empowers customers to scrutinize and comprehend the contents before making a purchase. This transparent display method not only aids in informing customers about the product but also instils confidence in their purchase decisions, as they gain a clearer understanding of the meat's qualities. Choosing the right plastic meat tray supplier can entice customers with attractive and well-organized presentations.

Versatile Product Combinations

Meat trays serve as a versatile platform for combining and showcasing various meat products simultaneously. Their adaptable nature enables easy rearrangement, butchers or retailers can effortlessly switch between different cuts, types of meat, or promotional offers. Sellers can present a diverse range of products in a compact space, maximizing visibility and customer engagement.

This flexibility empowers sellers to continuously refresh displays by introducing new promotions or offering different meat assortments. This dynamic merchandising approach keeps the display visually appealing and also encourages customers to explore different combinations of meat products.


MTA Products' plastic meat trays offer incredible versatility. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, they fit perfectly on any retail shelf or tabletop display area you have. Whether you prefer a countertop version or one that stands at eye level or below counter level, there's a meat tray to suit your specific display needs.


One of the coolest things about our meat trays is how customizable they are. You can tweak them to perfectly suit your store's atmosphere by incorporating signs or catchy graphics. This personal touch not only makes the meat display look appealing but also helps it blend seamlessly with your store's look and feel. By adding these personalised elements, you're not only making the meat trays visually appealing but also creating an inviting atmosphere that captivates customers. It's a fantastic way to make your store stand out while giving shoppers an engaging experience.

Reach Out For Expert Assistance!

Looking for guidance in selecting the ideal meat tray? Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect tray that suits all your needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch; we're always ready to offer our expertise!

Empower Your Shop Displays

Designed specifically for butcher shops, our range of meat trays is tailored to elevate your presentation. Whether you're showcasing prime cuts or specialty selections, our trays are crafted to complement the unique ambiance of your shop. Showcase your offerings impeccably, and ensure your meat products stand out with our purpose-built trays, perfectly suited for your shop's needs.