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L128-Stackable, Reusable Clear Tray Lids

MTA– L128-Lids – Clear and Stack-able
Updated in 2023, with New Material

L-128 lids are sold with no holes, as everyone wants different things.

FYI: The lids are strong enough for you to make changes for lifting holes, Labels,Tags, see Photos

L128-Lid installed onto a MTA- M128-1 Tray the internal Clearance is  47MM

L128-Lid installed onto a MTA- M128-2 Tray the internal Clearance is  78MM

MTA –  L128 Lids :
– Simple Food Display separation.
– Reduces foods from drying out from cold airflow when on display
– Space saving, trays are now stack-able
– Increases fridge storage area when trays are full with products
– Lids are made clear & durable
– Lids are simple to lift/remove
– Lid cleaning : wash in hot soapy water, then rise with hot water, allow to dry.

– Display Tags – you could cut a small section of material away to suit your tags, drill/cut out to suit.

– Lid lifting, Drill 1 or 2 x 18/20 mm holes on the top near the side to help lifting – see photos.

– Condensation build up, either add lifting holes above or 2 small 3mm holes to the side wall.

– Great for displaying crumb goods & other items without touching them.

– PS, L128-LID does not seal, the lid drops over the tray edge.

L128 – Lid-FS = FS = Factory Second Lids, Lids are stack-able, just small defects/marks in the lids clear finish..

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Upgrade your food display game with these creative lids that provide many advantages. Food may be easily separated to simplify presentation while avoiding drying out from cold airflow during the exhibition. Now that the trays are stackable, you can maximize fridge storage while saving room when packed with goods. The transparent, sturdy lids provide an easy-to-use experience; they are straightforward to lift and remove and simple to clean with a gentle cloth and hot, soapy water. Discover the ultimate in strength, weight, and durability. To make sure they’re ready for the next exhibition, give them a brief wash in hot water with a gentle cloth, then rise with hot water and let dry on the rack. Discover an endless array of options with MTA Products, your reliable source for superior quality products created in Australia.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 440 × 340 × 230 mm

12 Pack, 24 Pack, 12 Pack-Lids Factory Seconds, 24 Pack -Lids Factory Seconds


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