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M166-2-Thin, Long, Deep, Durable Black Tray- 418mm L *160mm W * 58mm D


Thin, Long, Deep, Durable Display Tray.
418mm Long*160m Wide *58mm High.
Wall thickness > 3mm
Weight 205 Grams each.
8,12 or 24 Items Per Carton.
100% Food Safe Approved.

Colour :  Black,

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With the M166-2-BLK, an Australian-made display tray meant to turn heads, go big and bold. This sleek black beauty, at a commanding 418mm long, 160mm wide, and 58mm high, gives a large canvas to display your culinary masterpieces in all their splendour, attracting attention and stoking appetites. The M166-2-BLK puts your and your visitors’ safety first. It is made entirely of materials that have been approved for use in food preparation. This tray is designed to withstand rigorous lifting. With its thick base (which is more than 3 mm thick) and robust design, the M166-2-BLK can easily fit even the largest servings. This Australian hero provides long-lasting robustness for both eye-catching displays and back-of-house storage, so say goodbye to fragile trays that buckle under stress. Ideal for bakeries, cafés, catering companies, and restaurants, these trays effortlessly infuse a touch of sophistication into your overall ambiance. Keeping the M166-2-BLK in perfect condition is a breeze. The M166-2-BLK is an investment in food safety, inventive presentation, and easy cleaning in addition to being a display tray. It is an essential item for any food enthusiast who want to present their culinary delights in a striking and memorable way because of its high quality, reasonable pricing, and adaptable design. Experience the impact that the M166-2-BLK can make in your food presentations by ordering your 8,12 or 24-pack carton now!

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 430 × 330 × 270 mm

8 Black Trays, 12 Black Trays, 24 Black Trays


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