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ML1612-1-White Trays & Clear Lids in one Carton


8,12 or 24 * M1612-1-White trays
8, 12 or 24 * L1612 Clear Lids
Lid fitted – internal clearance 46 mm H.
Lid fitted – OD is 418mm L * 318mm W * 58 mm H.

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Simple food display separation is now made easier by the L1612 lids, which shield food from drying out on display from cold circulation. When stocked with goods, stackable trays enhance refrigerator storage while conserving room. Easy access is guaranteed by the simple, sturdy, transparent lids to raise and remove. A quick wipe-down with warm, soapy water and a gentle cloth makes maintenance a snap. The L1612-LID, made of PS, easily slides over tray sides rather than sealing. Proudly created in Australia, MTA Products are intended for various applications, including industrial and spare parts applications and food, meat, and seafood exhibiting. These trays and lids are sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting; they surpass alternatives made of ABS, SAN, and stainless steel and provide a valuable and effective solution for various applications.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 430 × 340 × 520 mm

8 White Trays & 8 Clear Lids, 12 White Trays & 12 Clear Lids, 24 White Trays & 24 Lids


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