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ML1612-2-Black Trays with Clear Lids in one Carton


8, 12 or 24 * M1612-2-Black Trays
8,12 or 24 * L1612 Clear Lids
Lid fitted – internal clearance 76 mm H.
Lid fitted – OD is 418mm L * 318mm W * 88 mm H.

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Eight or Twelve creative L1612 Clear Lids, revised in 2023 for improved functioning, are matched with 8, 12 or 24 * M1612-2-BLACK trays & 24 Clear lids which are very beneficial. They have an internal clearance of 76mm H and exterior dimensions of 418mm L, 318mm W, and 88mm H. They are made of a novel polymer that makes it simple to separate food displays, keeps food from drying out from cold airflow, and saves room with stacking trays to increase refrigerator capacity. The robust and transparent covers make it easier to see and remove the product and are very easy to clean with hot, soapy water. Notably, the PS material allows the lid to fall over the tray sides since it assures a non-sealing fit. MTA Products, created in Australia with pride, are adaptable and may be used to display various goods, including delicacies, meats, fish, and baked goods.

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 430 × 340 × 520 mm

8 Black Trays & 8 Clear Lids, 12 Black Trays & 12 Clear Lids, 24 Black Trays & 24 Lids


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